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Beyond Bitcoin: Transacting on the Blockchain - Legal Issues

There has been a cryptocurrency gold rush and many commercial organisations and even countries wish to position themselves as the market leaders in the use and deployment of this technology. It is therefore very possible that most people will have heard the term ‘blockchain’ at some point over the last 6-12 months. It is also possible that many organisations looking at using blockchain have not yet fully investigated the legal issues with using the blockchain for contracts in the current legal landscape.

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The DIFC Wills Service Centre, a Dubai Government entity, provides certainty for eligible business owners and residents to pass on their Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah assets, including free zone company shares and bank accounts. 

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We are pleased to share with you our service updates that aim to improve and facilitate our range of services for our members.


Dear Valued Members,

It is such an honour to be one of the very few guest editors for the DMCC monthly members’ newsletter, thanks to our idea that has been awarded ‘the Most Innovative Idea’ in the first cycle of the Members Idea Management Program.

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  • Francis Ngannou tours DMCC HQ, Crypto Centre and Coffee Centre with Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Bin Sulayem and a delegation from DTCM
  • DMCC highlighted opportunities for Ngannou in setting up a business in DMCC’s diverse eco system and Dubai