60_Newspage_Image_-_MoU_Poland BUSINESS BLOG
  • Poland stands as a key target market for Dubai and DMCC
  • MoU will see both parties work together to explore new business opportunities and strengthen bilateral ties between the UAE and Poland

55_Press_Release BUSINESS BLOG
  • DMCC holds its first-ever physical Made For Trade Live event in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Event highlights opportunities in Dubai and builds on DMCC’s longstanding relationship with Israel to over 250 Israeli business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • MFTL Israel held in partnership with 10 Israeli private and public sector entities


●    DMCC-SafeGold partnership will enhance UAE position as the leading gold and technology hub in the region with the creation of an ecosystem for digital gold at global level, with every unit backed by physical gold 
●    The gold bars that back the digital certificate will be physically stored in vaults verified by warrants issued on DMCC’s Tradeflow platform
●    Gold investors can avail of 24/7 purchases of physically backed gold online, sell gold with instant liquidity, gift gold to friends/family, get physical delivery in the form of investment bars and coins, exchange digital gold certificates for jewellery and earn a yield by leasing out the underlying gold

  • His Excellency Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade: “Through the Ministry of Economy and its UAE Gold Bullion Committee, we are further positioning the UAE at the heart of the global gold trade”
  • Global sourcing integrity is critical to the future of the industry: UAE Good Delivery Standard and Due Diligence Regulations for Responsible Sourcing of Gold to play a key role
  • Emerging technologies such as tokenisation can make gold trading more transparent and accessible  
  • Hundreds of traders, regulators, industry bodies and exchanges attended the tenth edition of DPMC

  • Partnership with Comtech Gold will increase democratisation and the ease of trading gold through tokenised assets
  • DMCC Tradeflow warrants provide greater transparency and security for crypto tokens backed by gold bars