3_Company_Set_Up Blog

When setting up your business in one of Dubai’s free zones, one of the crucial steps is to apply for your business licence. Obtaining a business licence in Dubai validates your business as a legal body and permits you to conduct business legally in the region. Without one, your business cannot operate legitimately. 

Our blog will run through everything you need to know about applying and renewing your business licences.

2_Top_4_mistakes_to_make Blog

Given Dubai’s robust business environment and vast business opportunities, it comes as no surprise that so many foreign businesses choose to set up their business in Dubai. But with the numerous benefits comes a set of risks, which can lead to expensive mistakes made by foreign investors. While risks cannot be avoided fully, they can be mitigated if one knows how to. 

1_How_Much_Does_it_Cost Blog

Are you thinking of starting a business in Dubai? Before beginning the process of setting up your company, you have to choose which free zone you want to set up your business in, and that may come as quite a challenge given that there are close to 30 free zones in Dubai.

69_COVID-19_UAE_Free_Zone_Labour Blog

With the ongoing pandemic, many businesses in Dubai and those looking to enter the Middle Eastern market have increasing concerns about any updated regulations that impact their workforce. Most businesses based onshore and in the majority of the free zones (excluding the DIFC and ADGM) will only need to comply with Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 (the UAE Labour Law). It is, however, important to note that businesses operating in any free zones may, in addition, need to comply with any additional regulations set by their free zone.

2. Setting Up Your Corporate Bank Account in Dubai Blog

Once you have successfully set up your business in Dubai, the next thing on the to-do list is to open your corporate bank account. This is where a potential challenge lies and where the process can become stressful, especially for foreign business owners looking to open a bank account for their free zone companies. Here, we discuss some of the key issues to consider when opening a free zone company bank account in Dubai.