3. Health and Safety Information Bulletin 10- Smoking and Sources of Ignition Health and Safety Information Bulletin 10: Smoking and Sources of Ignition

Smoking Policy

  • Article 7 of the UAE Federal Law No. (15) of 2009 Regarding Tobacco Control states that smoking is prohibited in closed public places
  • The building’s smoking policy should be enforced by Security and the Facility Management Company as well be supported by retail owners
  • Designated smoking areas should be provided
  • Signage should be placed to indicate location of smoking areas, as well as, areas where smoking is not permitted

Ignition Sources

  • Smoking, matches and cigarette lighters
  • Naked flames from candles, fuel gas or liquid fired and open flame equipment
  • Faulty Electrical equipment, over loaded electrical sockets and misused electrical equipment, overcrowded electrical cables heating up
  • Lighting fixtures installed close to flammable material or stored products
  • Air conditioning and heating installations
  • Heat sources such as cooking equipment

Reducing the Risk

  • Perform regular checks and maintenance of electrical appliances and equipment
  • Arrange for regular inspections to check compliance to DMCC HSE requirements
  • Ensure proper storage of flammable materials
  • Provide suitable lightning protection
  • Prohibit smoking, use of matches or lighters where required
  • Control maintenance activities that may cause sparks, hot surfaces or naked flames through a Permit to Work System
  • Keep kitchen hoods, ducts and flues clean
  • Ensure that all equipment that could provide a source of ignition, even when not in use, is left in a safe condition
  • Take precautions to avoid the risk of arson
  • Remove flammable materials and substances, or reducing them to the minimum required for the operation of the business
  • Train employees in identifying fire risks and control measures and promote reporting of faulty equipment