20_Health_and_Safety_Information_Bulletin_02_-_First_Aid Health and Safety Information Bulletin 02 - First Aid

First Aid is the provision of prompt attention to injuries normally minor in nature


  • Every employer is required by Dubai occupational health and safety regulations to protect the health and safety of employees in the workplace
  • First aid deals promptly with minor injuries like cuts, scratches, bruises and burns
  • Trained first-aid personnel should be available and their names exhibited at the location
  • Appropriate procedures should be in place for transportation of the injured party to local medical facilities in the case of a medical emergency
  • Contact details of the Emergency Control Centre should be displayed in designated areas

First Aid Boxes

  • First Aid boxes should be provided in every workplace and should be readily accessible during working hours
  • At least 1 First Aid box should be provided per 150 employees and one additional complete set for up to 250 employees
  • Minimum contents of the First Aid box should include prescribed contents as specified in Table (1) of Dubai Municipality Guidelines for First Aid Requirement, DM-PH&SD-P4-TG 17

Regular Checks and Inspections

  • Monthly checks should be performed to ensure First Aid boxes remain fully stocked and items should be replenished as required

Further Information

  • Please consult DM-PH- & SD -P4-TG 17 (Guidelines for First-Aid Requirement) for further information
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