49_shutterstock_562442005 DMCC Service Updates - May 2017

Recently Enhanced and Automated Services

Launch of the Service Request ‘Change in Name/Nationality/Legal Address’:

DMCC has introduced a new service request titled ‘Change in Name/Nationality/Legal Address’. Members can apply for the service whenever a shareholder or officeholder (individual / corporate) has a change of name, nationality or address on the legal documents (the Memorandum and Articles of association, share certificate…etc.) and wishes to update the DMCC records to reflect the change. In this respect, they may apply for this service request on the DMCC portal under Company Services --> Change in Name/Nationality/Legal Address.


Newly Uploaded Documents on DMCC Website

Please find below the newly uploaded documents on the website and a brief description:

DMCC Policy Regarding Food & Beverage Operations During Ramadan 2017 – This policy is a mandate for all DMCC Member Companies offering food and beverage services during the holy month where the food and beverage services during the hours of fasting are strictly prohibited without a permit from DMCC; noting that the permit can be granted subject to the conditions stipulated in the policy. You can find it on the DMCC website at www.dmcc.ae/free-zone/support/how-guides/managing-company or at www.dmcc.ae/free-zone/support/compliance-and-regulations


Newly Added Activities

Please refer to the newly added activities to the DMCC list of approved activities.