31_Introducing_DMCC Introducing DMCC VAT Clinics

DMCC is pleased to launch the DMCC VAT Clinics. After the introduction of VAT by the UAE Government, many business owners are struggling to find the right information regarding the impact of VAT on their businesses. This is an even bigger challenge for small businesses and start-ups, as they are more likely to be financially constrained and reluctant to hire tax advisors.

DMCC has negotiated with tax advisors located in the DMCC Free Zone to provide 60 minutes of free consultation to DMCC member companies which will include VAT law, the impact of VAT on business and VAT returns. DMCC will act as a facilitator between the member companies and the tax advisors.

This initiative will make sure that our member companies get correct information from a reliable source resulting in the companies abiding by the VAT Law laid out by the Federal Tax Authority.

In order to apply for VAT Clinic appointment, please click here to fill in the form and submit.

If you are a tax consultant and wish to be a part of the VAT Clinic, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..