29_Hiriing_an_effective Hiring an Effective Sales Team and the Benefits & Pitfalls of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the Next Step to Increasing Your Sales    

The ability to sell your products is arguably one of the most critical functions for any company; however, hiring, training and motivating an effective sales team remain to be one of the biggest challenges organisations face today, whether it be a start-up, established business, large multinational or SME. 

In many cases, organisations may be able to execute on one or two of these elements successfully but fail to deliver on another.  Failure to execute on these primary factors whether it is hiring, training or properly motivating a sales team is a risk to the success of many businesses.

Hiring the right talent is always the first challenge a business will face; for larger firms, often the process is complex & drawn out making it impractical to ramp up quickly, leaving the organisation with two distinct challenges. The first challenge being the drawn out and complex nature of on-boarding staff, meaning the recruitment process starts 6 months prior to hiring. The second challenge is the amount of time and investment required when on-boarding new employees. Due to this lengthy and costly process, organisations are simply not making ends meet because of the lack of talent, professionalism and dedication.

For SMEs and start-up organisations, attracting the right sales personnel with the right experience becomes an even bigger challenge. Hiring a team of sales professionals who know the market is likely to take a back seat over building your brand, resulting in a high turnover of poor performing or unqualified sales staff and a possible bad recognition for the business. 

The solution to facing these common challenges without affecting your business is having easy access to a wealth of trained sales specialists who can take your product to market. The main benefit of firms choosing this option is the specific focus on scale and cost reduction. 

Sales outsourcing however, is not just about scale and cost. The core skillset required for a winning sales team is establishing & understanding a customer’s needs, objection handling, negotiation and presentation.   

It is important to remember that there is a critical difference between a call centre, which focuses on quantitative aspects and a sales outsourcing businesswhich combines both quantitative and qualitative components with a specific emphasis on Sales.  If you choose not to hire the sales skills that your business needs, YES, you may reduce your hiring costs but ultimately your brand will be at risk. A potential customer’s first impression is everything, that’s why you need to ensure you have top sales professionals who can effectively communicate your value proposition and understand your customer.

Choosing to outsource your sales support can help you rapidly increase your sales ramp up time, reduce your cost of sale and mitigate the risks – just ensure you are choosing the right supplier to avoid the pitfalls and risks discussed.


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