4_DMCC_Reports_Record_Breaking_Company DMCC FREEZONE
  • 2,025 companies registered, highest number of new companies in five years
  • Launched business relief package to new and existing member companies
  • Digital transformation sees company formation time reduce by 75%
  • AED 91.8 billion (USD 24.99 billion) worth of rough diamonds traded through the Dubai Diamond Exchange
  • 7 million kgs of coffee handled by the DMCC Coffee Centre
  • 40,000 metric tonnes of tea transacted through DMCC Tea Centre
  • 20 per cent increase in Chinese companies in the Free Zone
  • For more information, and to download the DMCC Annual Report 2020, visit: dmcc.ae/annual-report-2020 

3_DMCC_Introduces_Flexible DMCC FREEZONE
  • Available from February, DMCC offers new packages to support the business community and increase ease of doing business in Dubai
  • With flexible payment plans and fast-tracking, the packages cater to SMEs and larger businesses looking to set up and grow in Dubai and beyond
  • Full details of packages available here at dmcc.ae/business-setup-package

2_Global_Humanitarian DMCC FREEZONE
  • Mutombo’s Cajary Majlis to bring coffee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Dubai and the region
  • Mutombo receives DMCC licence number 55, his jersey number throughout his NBA career
  • DMCC Coffee Centre continues to attract international coffee businesses

  • Tenders reflect strong industry demand as sector rebounds from challenging 2020
  • Dubai is the global diamond hub of choice for industry tenders
  • December 2020 saw record-breaking tender with largest-ever UAE sales recorded
  • Three new companies to host tenders in the DDE

63_Newspage-DMCC_2021 DMCC FREEZONE
  • Registered highest number of new companies in 5 years
  • Most successful business relief package to new and existing member companies
  • Fully digitalised customer experience sees 95% of member companies avail services online
  • Companies from 149 countries express interest highlighting DMCC’s global appeal and key role in attracting FDI to Dubai